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RT @scott_kerr: Well played, Barnes & Noble

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@dasme eBay

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RT @craig_burley: Some poor web lackey was tasked with “we need you to go through everything and change “NF” to “NL” everywhere.” Seeking t…

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RT @craig_burley: When Newfoundland & Labrador became Newfoundland and Labrador (as opposed to just Newfoundland) they changed the postal a…

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RT @craig_burley: In the midst of the text I suddenly see the word “uNLamiliar”. Then I see “coNLined”. Then “coNLlict”. And that’s when th…

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RT @craig_burley: So I’m reading a piece on the Newfoundland & Labrador government website for some research purposes. And I see something …

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RT @slevene: i disagree with #Greece PM. there are rare moments when the appropriate response is panic. like now, if you’re greek https://t…

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RT @BarDown: HUGE congrats to Andong Song who was selected 172nd 4 the @NYIslanders. He’s the 1st ever Chinese-born player picked! http://t…

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@jenathon congrats. Can we go for lunch now? 😉

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RT @jenathon: Today I met my brand new nephew, Mason. Auntie Jen is in love ❤️❤️

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